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Driving Lessons in Milton Keynes, Female and Male Instructors Automatic and Manual. Free Online Theory With Theory test pro. Read Our Customer Reviews


Depending on what you require, your driving instructor will tailor your training to suit you, maybe you want to pass quickly or you´d like to take it one step at a time - we can put together a course to meet your needs.

Don´t want to waste your money on lessons spent parked by the side of the road?

Whether you are a complete novice getting behind the steering wheel for the very first time, or a more experienced learner who has already had a number of lessons or even have a full licence but want to top up on your skills and confidence, we could be who you´re looking for.

The car´s Are air conditioning and dual controls for your safety.
Driving lessons in Milton Keynes in an EV Renault Zoe! One of the easiest cars to drive and with zero emissions so it´s great for the environment!

Don´t worry, you still get a full automatic licence when you pass.

Zero emission electric cars are becoming a less rare sight on Milton Keynes´s roads. Milton Keynes School of Motoring is the first (as far as we know) Driving School to provide driving lessons in an all electric car. So learn with us and feel the silky smooth power from the near silent engine. You wont be crunching the gears, you wont be rolling down hills, it is an automatic with hill start assist. New Renault Zoe does all the hard work very quietly so you can concentrate on the road ahead.

There are many reasons why you may be learning to drive, the electric option is not only easy to drive, its great for the environment. For zero emission Automatic Driving Lessons in Milton Keynes

In addition to the standard lessons, also provided are hazard perception & theory test help and advice, Pass Plus, Refresher and Motorway lessons.

Full one or Two hour lessons
No car sharing
Male and Female instructors
Automatic And Manual cars
Theory test help and preparation
Driving instructor training (pay as you go)
Mock tests arranged at no extra cost
Independent driving school
Free use of Theory Test Pro

Mark,Andrea,Vikki and Roy will teach you the skills required to become a confident, competent and responsible driver.
Andrea Mitchell
My name is Andrea.I´m the crazy one of the team. I´m nice really.I´m a fully qualified adi and have been teaching for 5 years. I´m very patient and understanding.I love my job and I´m very passio ...
Andrea Mitchell

Welcome to roy thompson join the team of Milton Keynes school of motoring

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